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Im out

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Thu, Dec 11 03, 18:00

I got deleted as an admin for the reason that i didnt do a thing, too bad. I liked you all and still do hope youll do good and become big. Even my posts got deleted like i never exsisted. Cya around sadley
Thu, Dec 11 03, 18:50

Sad to hear. sadley
Hope you find something instead. Good luck man!
Fri, Dec 12 03, 11:42

Sorry to see ya go dude.
Well, you can still drop by on IRC ;sadley

Message was modified by Area 51. 1071225796
Sat, Dec 13 03, 13:04

No need to act like that, i know how you really think,
Zpeek you are just glad im gone cause you think i whine about the ZP.IG ladder. And Area your happy aswell, you act like i never been an admin, it was you who removed me from 'admins' so please dont give me that shit, just say what you think im not a whimp
Sat, Dec 13 03, 15:14

Sandrock, how would you know? Ever asked me? confused
Sat, Dec 13 03, 22:02

Well, no more whining about zp..
He was social, but didn't do much. Ah well...
Sat, Dec 13 03, 22:13

Yea, so?
There are plenty of ways to inturrpet that, you ofcourse chose one to make people feel pitty for you. That's why it wasn't ment for your eyes. Wanna see me as a evil son of a bitch who goes behind your back, then do so but there are always more then one way of looking at things.

Message was modified by Zpike. 1071350242
Sun, Dec 14 03, 12:33

I dont need pity, i just find the 'didnt do much' part unfair. Im in a busy period with alot of school work. I was working on things for gamesleague aswell but i can't just get 1000 people in here in 1 day. I think the real reason i got booted was because i didnt agree with a combined zp ig and ig ladder. Wich you couldn't understand! Unfair treathment id say. I always liked all of you but id never guessed that id be kicked out for this reason.
Sun, Dec 14 03, 15:46
Sandrock you got kicked out for exactly the reason that is stated there. you didnt do anything ! done. you may be busy with school or whatever. Ive got 2 fulltime jobs (yes 2) and still I make time to do stuff for gamesleague. same goes for the other guys.

Ofcourse you may or may not agree with the fact its useless to have a zp.ig ladder. but you dont have to go around posting in EVERY topic about ladder or something that looks like it you want a zp.ig ladder. that irritates me and I already warned you 2ce about it. this is the result.
Sun, Dec 14 03, 22:10

I didnt do nothing? FINE! Maybe i didnt tell you everything i was doing, i did alot but still there aint no person except from the admins playing here. Not my fault. Yours, probably will be like this for a long time untill somebody capable takes over the managing job. PEACE OUT!
Mon, Dec 15 03, 09:09

Oh yes o'mighty SandRock, you were the only one capable of that. How will we ever recover? The world is ending!
For craps sake man... Sorry for making your perfect view fall apart but the work you did is in fact replacable! If anybody of us had taken on your job instead of digging around in the source and making this place a better place to be, then we'd gotten the same result.

Why do you have to bitch so much? Ofcourse you spent valueable time, but so have we and it won't make a differens.
Mon, Dec 15 03, 10:11

You guys are funny
Course im not mighty,
Course im replacable, but i did what i did and other people didnt! Everybody is replacable....
And Zpeek, making 100 different layouts, then deleting 100 and make another 100 doesnt get you make users. Its just doing something cause you dont know what else to do. I know you guys did the real job, i always said that. But i did my work, just cuz you didnt see everything i did didnt mean i did nothing.
Mon, Dec 15 03, 12:09

SandRock, did you grow this stupid over night? I mean, gotten your first period or what?
Reason why I've made layouts is because I wanted peoples opinions, when I don't get any them they suck(= delete), so what's your point?
And do you think that's the only thing I've done? ffs, you just wrote that we should think about things you've done that we haven't seen and still it sounds like you have no idea I've been scripting too. Do you honestly know about what's been going on a gamesleague at all?
You're way over your head man...
Mon, Dec 15 03, 13:57
Chill guys.

will you leave this to it. it wont make a difference to your current status anyway. although this will make it alot harder for you to ever reach admin status again sandrock. you know what you did do and you know what you didnt do. your personal status has nothing to do with that. your statement that zpike doesnt do anything else than theme is wrong. zpike actually wrote quite some scripts on the website and also resolved a shitload of bugs here and there.
Mon, Dec 15 03, 16:00

I know and im sorry for nasty comments im just pissed cuz you all act like im an asshole, i hate it. Maybe im wrong maybe im not. Goodluck im gonna leave it with this last message.
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