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Hey guys

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Mon, Sep 13 04, 23:15

The community is wanting to have a ladder/league going. I suggested gamesleague of course cause of the great expirience in the past smile.

Now im wondering if the clans are wanting this a ladder could be set up for this UT2004 MOD. We just had a meeting.

Gamesleague: Rock, S3, HSO, ATEAM, moetsch, NoS, ALR, GLUR, MX5, CTS
Those are all clans interested.

Please let us know.


Message was modified by SandRock. Fri, Sep 17 - 04
Fri, Sep 17 04, 21:03
yeh, we are ready with near 14 HSO members ready to play in a ladder
Fri, Sep 17 04, 21:07
[email protected]
Fri, Sep 17 04, 21:16

We would like to play a funny ladder bye
Sat, Sep 18 04, 09:48

we want a Ladder for SAS at your Site. We hape that you support us.

Kind regards,
Chris - German SAS Site
Sat, Sep 18 04, 11:14
indeed. a ladder would be fine smile
Sat, Sep 18 04, 12:41
logged in now,, yeh a meeting took place last night in irc *Sasfreakz. there was on av' 50 + people who mostly were clan leaders/wararranger.
this meeting was to see the interest in a ladder. the choices were Clanbase , gamesleague, econ, community hosted ladder.
a clear winner from voting was games league with 99.99% votes.
this community has pushed Clanbase for a few months to get a ladder set up but they are not interested. S.A.S players want to play in a fun ladder with some rules and match structure, it is getting frustrating for all when our calls fall upon deaf ears.
so a decision was made that we give gamesleague the chance to host a ladder if it can for us. And here we are. we have arranged a 2nd meeting in this community next week to see if gamesleague will help (if not then back to square 1).
i hope this happens for SAS as this would help build on the community and support and bring new gamers HERE.

Sat, Sep 18 04, 12:42
hi guys! bye
were also ready to fragg the other clans! wink
sas a will have big future, but we absolutely need a league!
we (10 members) cant expect it! we would like to play in a really nice organized and trustworthily league! naturally i mean gamesleague yes
keep going like this, its great! I bow myself before you worshippy smile

cya and keep on fragging smile
Ace bonk

Message was modified by Àç3. Sat, Sep 18 - 04
Sat, Sep 18 04, 12:52

SAS ladder has been made, we will have a meeting again to discuss rules etc. Maybe saturday (today) 8pm CET/9PM GMT #SASFREAKZ ?
Sat, Sep 18 04, 13:36
i will a ladder for the SAS Comunity!

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