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Help wanted. By Flash - May 13, 2004 11:28
Were still searching for programmers and people who are willing to lead ladders, leagues or server hosts for different games.

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By deadriverman at Sun, Mar 20 05, 22:42
i am currently head admin of a pool league with but would like to break out into a new gaming host such as your self i have all the staff in place no host a league or several leagues in

By EyeSpyALilFly at Tue, Dec 06 05, 21:08
Willing to help here too. I have several people lines up that I could get signed up who are tired of crappy leagues like myself. Looking for no drama, and tons of fun. I'd be willing to lead a ladder or league. Look me up if still needing help. Like deariverman, I, too, am looking to toss Thanks for consideration.

By cetrac at Wed, Jun 28 06, 12:09
If I need to help, contact me.. I am a programmer.
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